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Sleek Heavy Duty Juicer, Prevents Oxidation, High Extraction, Healthiest Juice

The Omega Juicer Reviews site is all about the way we live and
eat today. Gone are the old days when there were only a select
few that would dare be so bold as to spend the equivalent of their
entire lunch money to purchase fresh juice or a green drink at a
juice bar to feel healthy after that great workout at their local gym.

The truth is, today more than ever, people are more aware of and
conscientious of what we put in our body, exercise and better health
habits and practises in general. We are hearing more and more how
proper diet and green drinks specifically not only prevent certain illnesses
and disease but the great benefit it is to our body, health and energy level.

To put a price tag on health in general or your overall energy level is
almost as silly as only eating every other day to try and budget.

Your energy level is responsible for and will have a direct affect on;

  • Your daily mood
  • How you interact with people
  • Whether you feel like conquering the world or, staying in bed
  • Your relationships
  • Work results
  • Financial outcome
  • Daily routine and activities
  • Sharpness of the mind
  • Decision making

Now, combine our new awareness and concern for health with modern
day technology and voila, you no longer need to spend an additional
ten dollars every day at the gym which adds up to fifty dollars a week,
tips not included.
(Just doing some quick math, without being a rocket scientist, we’re
talking monthly fees identical to a car payment, which you can choose to
spend or actually save up).

Let’s not omit those that have to make that special trip to the local health
shop. The time, gas, transportation, money and, here’s the kicker…

All with good intentions for better health and energy however, what most
don’t know is, the quality of the juice i.e. health benefits you should be getting
are substantially reduced with the standard juicers those commercial
places have and I’ll explain why.

Finally, with a little history through time, the human body, money spent
and some health 101, we can now appreciate the value and true greatness
in the way Omega Juicers revolutionized the world.

One of the most amazing features of the Omega Juicers is, unlike many
juicers that will run as fast as 13000 RPM (revolutions per minute) which
also make them noisier and will kill enzymes resulting in juice that will
quickly degrade, the low speed Omega Juicer system will process at 80
RPM. This will not only prevent oxidation but also allow the juice to be
stored for up to 72 hours without degradation.

Omega Juicers, the outstanding and reputable company we all came
to know and love, was founded in 1985 by Robert Leo. Spending over
twenty years pioneering and crafting a product concept that could
deliver what clients wanted, he still remains the only company on the
market that offers consumers centrifuge, masticating and pulp ejection
style juicers.

Despite the attempt  of many competitors with countless imitations,
Omega Juicers has proven that with a solid foundation and consumer
driven design a true way to achieve enduring success.